Ultrahack and Slush!

Ultrahack We got invited to the Ultrahack event in Helsinki and it was a great hackathon! A lot of people hacked for an entire weekend, in different “hacking tracks” such as Mobility and Media. We chose the Open track for our solution and during this weekend we came up with many great ideas and refined[…]

Aviapolis Bootcamp and Ultrahack Finalist

Aviapolis Bootcamp Recently we have been very busy participating in different hackathons, pitching competitions and bootcamps. Every event has been great as we got to know so many new entrepreneurs and coaches. We attended the Aviapolis bootcamp last weekend and it is safe to say that this was one of the best bootcamps for us![…]

Vessla visiting Facebook, Google and Supercell in Silicon Valley

Facebook got one of the coolest campuses here in Silicon Valley. We got invited by Paul (Software Engineer) who works there to experience it all. Their indoor offices were huge, but there was still this startup warmth present and the entire campus was like a small city! Facebook              […]

We are in Silicon Valley!

Jean and Carl from Vessla has been living in Silicon Valley for a couple of days now and it has been great so far! We are in Palo Alto to be specific and this place is filled with brilliant minds and interesting entrepreneurial people. The house we live in is called Mustakarhu, which means black[…]

Vessla in Startup100, Stockholm and Helsinki!

Yesterday morning we got great news! Vessla was featured on the list of the hottest startups in Finland made by Startup100.net. We are at 8th place of 100 which is awesome, and Vessla is featured as developers of eco-friendly displays! Our IoT signage solution is skyrocketing. 🙂 During the past week Carl has been in[…]

A week at Microsoft Flux in Helsinki!

The previous week Jean and Carl were in Helsinki attending the Microsoft Flux Business Development Fast Track together with 9 other startups. Everyday there were 1-2 speakers teaching us about important and necessary topics regarding the startup world through presentations, dialogues, workshops and one-on-one meetings. We left Helsinki with greater knowledge and even greater contacts[…]

Vessla at Arctic15 and Midnight Pitch Fest!

This blog update will be long since we have done a lot of things during the past two weeks! It has been really exciting for us at Vessla as we participated in Arctic15 and Midnight Pitch Fest Oulu events! Both events were really awesome, we had a lot of fun and did a lot of[…]